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Over the last couple of years, fibreglass swimming pools continued to gain market share and acceptance to the point where it is considered to be the most modern choice in the domestic swimming pool market.


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Leisure Pools and Spas has been developing and manufacturing top quality pre-moulded fibreglass swimming pools and acrylic spas for more than two decades.  In addition, we offer swimming pool accessories, swimming pool maintenance and swimming pool renovation services, we even cater for the DIY enthusiast.

We have a legacy and sound reputation in the local and international pool and spa market, from designing to manufacturing, using the most innovative technology and the highest grade of materials.

Our company is seizing a large portion of the swimming pool and spa market with more than 32 outlets in the different provinces across South Africa and we are sought after exporters to Africa and various overseas countries such as Europe and the Middle East.

It is our mission to provide only the best products and services, do continuous research and development and have effective production and quality control measures in place to provide every Leisure Pools and Spas client with the quality and peace of mind they deserve and expect.
Our fibreglass swimming pools have endless possibilities and benefits. We use a state of the art gelcoat system on all our products, this also allows us to offer you various colours and a range of 28 different designs to choose from, along with many shapes to provide you with a wider selection to suit your taste and preferences.

The non-porous surface of a fibreglass swimming pool reduces the risk of bacterial build-up and is hygienic and easy to clean and maintain.  Installation is fast and effortless and factory manufactured fibreglass pools are leak proof and durable. The oldest single moulded fibreglass pool on record in South Africa is located in Cape Town.  It is more than 30 years old and it is still in excellent condition.

When investing in a spa you benefit from the recreational characteristics as well as health benefits... read more

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